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Are you happy working as safety professional?

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Are you happy working as safety professional?


Safety pros are often misunderstood, maligned and downgraded as a compliance doll. Safety pros are like "bibingka" with heat from above and below. But one could wonder why in the hell one will stick with this situation. One would say "no more, Can't take this anymore"...and yet that one is still there sticking to the fight. Fight that seems endless and unworthy of. For a "very good salary"....nyahhhh for only a few who have very good support.

I could only remember an old teacher asking me decades ago.." so you want to be in safety?" and as a kid would answer back .." yes sir!", and got a surprising response..." Can you be a bastard?"....would a kid say yes? He just flashed that grimming smile and left.

More than 2 years have past since that moment when we saw each other again. The first greeting I've mentioned? " Hello sir, I am a bastard now!"...The old man said with that smile...."Good!"

yah pros are trained. Trained to guide all types of people to be safe and healthy. Coz in matters of safety and health, we are our brother's keepers!

Others considered this as a profession. But others are considering this as a vocation.