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ASPPI Website Forum Reformatting - PLEASE READ ASAP!!!

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ASPPI Website Forum Reformatting - PLEASE READ ASAP!!!

Please be informed that we will soon be reformatting the ASPPI Website Forum to further improve member's involvement and reinforce as well networking and best practices sharing among its members.

Effective January 1, 2010 only active members of ASPPI (paid membership fee) are allowed to post and participate in our Web Forum. All existing accounts will be deleted on December 27, 2009 and ASPPI members need to re-register using their real name (first name and family name).

Official Username Format: Firstname.Lastname (ex: Juan.Luna)

Not valid usernames: juanluna, lunajuan, luna_juan, juan_luna, jluna, juan-luna, JuanLuna, juan luna and the likes

Approval of such account will be subjected to verification of their ASPPI membership status by the Membership Committee. All non-ASPPI and ASPPI Inactive members will only be given a "read only" access on the ASPPI website/ Forum, while Active ASPPI members (with paid membership fee) will be given outright access to the Forum subject to the conditions and prevailing rules of the ASPPI Website.

Kindly ensure your membership with ASPPI is currently active and is renewed yearly for those with regular and associate membership.

Thanks and regards,
The Administrator

Nomer Reynaldo
ASPPI Website Forum Reformatting - PLEASE READ ASAP!!!

Dear ASPPI Members:

We have been receiving applications to the ASPPI Web forum which have been rejected by the administrators due to failure to establish active membership in our beloved Organization. As such please follow format mentioned in this posting by clearly establsihing your identity and making sure your membership with ASPPI is up to date.

Thank you.

The ASPPI Website Forum Administrator

Nomer Reynaldo
Re: ASPPI Website Forum Reformatting - PLEASE READ ASAP!!!

The ASPPI Website Forum Admin continues to receive applications for web forum membership that do not comply with the required format. Please ensure that you follow the correct format to be registered in the ASPPI website forum so that we can validate your active membership with the organization and that your membership dues are up to date. Thanks again for the cooperation and I wish you all HAPPY HOLIDAYS . . . Nomer Reynaldo