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Clarification of the Status of ASPPI's SEC Registration

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Clarification of the Status of ASPPI's SEC Registration

Clarification on the Status of ASPPI’s SEC Registration

Clarification on ASPPI SEC Registration

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your comment and feedback.  I am sure that having been away for so many years, you have not been updated on some of the accomplishments and progress of ASPPI, as the only organization of DOLE accredited OSH Consultants and Practitioners.   

Sorry but I cant seem to agree with you in concluding that the failure in reportorial obligations to SEC is deliberate.  ASPPI has gone through several changes in leadership for the past 16 years and it is one requirement that past administrations must have overlooked.  ASPPI has good financial standing and it is BIR compliant.  Its office has a business permit and the secretariat's SSS, Pag Ibig, etc. contributions are up to date.  Most of the Honorary Chairman of the ASPPI Board are lawyers from BWC- DOLE and you are right there is no excuse in missing this one that even the BWC Directors failed to see the inadequacy.
I took the leadership of ASPPI only in January 2014 and as a charter member I also experienced being disappointed by the performance of past leaderships but i never left the organization.  I believe its advocacy, vision and mission.  As what we always say, an organization is only as good as the people who are running the show.  
Rest assured that the present Board and officers are committed individuals and I plan to lead ASPPI away from politics that it is known for in the past.  Most of us are employed individuals from private and multinational companies and our bosses would not let us be involved in ASPPI if they believe it is maliciously run and beset with corruption.  We are not salaried and we even spend our own money in some of our activities just to make sure ASPPI achieve its goals.
We are fully supported by both BWC and OSHC as proven by their presence in all of our activities and have been a valuable ally of the government in promoting safety in the workplace here in the country.
How I wish you are here in the Philippines to help us in advocating safety and health?  Am sure you are aware we are still far from some of our neighbors in terms of OSH implementation particularly in SMEs and the construction industry.  We believe experienced and skilled OSH professionals like you can contribute a lot to the country and help save lives of many Filipino workers.  Thanks again for your concern.
God bless.
Nomer Reynaldo
Prsident- ASPPI Natinoal
AVP-SHESQ, SN Aboitiz Power