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The members of the association shall be the following and such additional members may be accepted in accordance with the policies and regulations as promulgated by the Board of Directors:

Charter Members - Are the founding members as named in the 1999 Articles of Incorporation.

Regular Member - Any individual who is recognized as DOLE Accredited OSH practitioners and has paid the corresponding annual membership fee equivalent to Php 1,500.00.

Associate Member - Any individual who is in the process of completing the basic occupational safety and health training course and manifested interest in the OSH profession and paid the corresponding amount equivalent to Php 500.00.

Honorary Member - Any individual who belongs to any government office or from private sector who has demonstrated significant contribution to the advocacy of safety and health provided he/she has been evaluated by the membership committee. Any foreign individual who holds distinction in the field of OSH, or any Filipino citizen who has significantly contributed to the growth and development of the OSH profession.

Life Member - Regular members who are in good standing and have been a Regular member for at least three (3) years and paid the corresponding one-time life membership fee equivalent to Php 10,000.00

Student Member - Any individual who is currently pursuing any engineering or allied courses and is interested to develop his/her competency in OSH. Student members shall be part of the ASPPI chapter in his locality. Interested students shall pay a membership fee equivalent to Php 250.00 only.

Certificates of Membership - each member shall be entitled to receive a Certificate of Membership which shall specify the effective date of membership and other pertinent information, and which shall be duly signed by the Chairman of the Board and the President of the Association.

Admission - any applicant for membership may be admitted as member of the association upon the approval of the committee on membership.

Termination - membership of any member may be terminated by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors for any act inimical to the interest of association. A member may also decide to, motu proprio, terminated his/her membership in the association, without need of approval of the Board of Directors or of the other members.

General Membership Meeting (GMM) - the GMM of the association shall be held every third week of August of each year. The order of business at the annual GMM shall be as follows:

  • Report of the President, Chapter Presidents
  • Nomination and election of the Directors for the ensuing year.
  • Other matters.

Voting - only those Regular and Life Members present during the GMM shall be allowed to cast their cast vote. No proxy voting shall be allowed.

[ Download ASPPI Membership Application here ]